Last call

Well, here we are at the end of our trip, at the same place we started out – Ben Ghurion airport. With a similar experience, too! Our first time, AJ and I got some nice attitude from passport control. Today going through luggage check, AJ and I got through alright. But Nizar and Zane (father and son from Syria) got their entire suitcase searched through, from top to bottom. Literally everyone else in our group got searched – Max was waiting 25 minutes for them to figure out what a cell phone charger was!

To put it simply, security is intense here – and frustrating. After all that, we breezed right into the terminal without even taking our shoes off. No lines, probably just because it’s late – about 11 PM here.

Today was our last day in Ramallah and it was incredible: we got haircuts, mint lemonade, bought souvenirs, drank a last Taybeh at Angelo’s (again, how much like our first day!). What a lively city!

We board fairly soon, so I’ll keep this fairly short. What a stupendous trip! It’s really hard to express how much I’ll take away from here. I’ve been asking everyone what the most important thing they’ve learned is. For me, it’s seeing the most potent manifestation I’ve ever seen of the human spirit. People like Daher from Tent of Nations, who keep on living, despite all the obstacles placed in their path, are so inspiring. People like Muhammad, whose form of resistance to the occupation is to raise a family, whose childrens’ forms of resistance are dancing and filmmaking, are so uplifting. To finally have seen nonviolence in action is so heartening. I’m so excited for the next step in life, whatever it may be!
Thank you all for reading about my trip! I’ll keep blogging, I’m sure, about politics and spirituality, but probably not as frequently. Hopefully it will be jus as interesting!
So tata for now, happy tomorrows for your yesterdays!



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Radically Moderate - neither right nor left brained, I try to use both. Student, activist, UU. Live life by the peaceful teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. Redesign the flow, redefine the know, we're hanging on the ledge.
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2 Responses to Last call

  1. Henriette says:

    Thanks Tim. It was indeed a blast being with this group of travelers and sharing so much deep stuff together. I’ll keep reading your blog.

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